How does social media make you depressed? Spending more time on social media can help you to have fun and an efficient way to connect with friends. Social media has both pros and cons for the user. It depends on how you use social media. Social media is used for many purposes in business and social sharing, although it’s an online platform for people where you can do what you want. We can find both people over here who are useful and who bully and make viral people with specific reasons, including controversial and scandalous people. below the reason why social media make depressed:

Social media comparison

There are many studies linking social media which makes us depressed. A study according to the journal of social and clinical physiology shows we feel depressed when we compare our lives to others. Then we lose interest in our lives. We often don’t engage in the activities we used to do. At a time we find ourselves spending more time in bed despite enjoying our lives.

we watch the news on tv and informative shows. Since the advent of social media, we have left watching TV instead we get all information from one platform, watching the news we watch all other relevant videos that consume our time and make us engage in social news.

Social media can be addictive

It happens many times when we use social media to see notifications. By the time we realize we just spend more than 30 mins. We are now spending more time on social media instead of exercising and preparing plans to get rid of depression. That’s why social media make you depressed.

Many have lost their lives due to social media like a recent case of a girl suicide after his video gone viral with his boyfriend, in India.


In conclusion, social impact on mental health results in depression. Spend less and quality time on social media. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Depression is no joke but a mental disease that can lead you to suicide. Decrease the usage time on social media. If you are in depression then there are depression pills available at Rid of depression to cure depression.