For a person to thrive it is important to keep in check their health status. Most people always take care of their physical health but neglect something that is as important. There is a saying for a healthy mind you need a healthy body, but doesn’t that apply the other way around? When you are taking care of your health, it is always important to take care of your mental health along with your physical health. Usually, people neglect the minor symptoms of mental health issues and later they come to regret it when it starts to become an obstacle for them to lead a normal life and be healthy. One of the most common mental health issues is undoubtedly depression. However; there is not much talk about it and people keep it inside them, so raising depression awareness is one of the key factors in reducing it in society and helping people talk out about it.

Biology Behind Depression:

What is depression? To answer that let us study how the brain functions first. The most important vital part of the human body for it to be functional is the brain, if brain functions cease then the body becomes lifeless. It is the brain that sends signals to the various organs and parts of the body to function the way they are supposed to. A brain does so by sending electrical impulses that fire from neuron to neuron in your nervous system. The brain does this by releasing chemicals, that help it to avoid danger or harm to the body. For instance, if you feel pain the brain instantly releases chemicals that send signals to the part of the body that is undergoing any physical harm giving the sensation of pain so to know that this is not good for the body.

However; when there is a chemical imbalance in your brain it gives birth to mental issues one of which is depression. This happens when an enzyme is known as monoamine oxidase A, which can cause low levels of dopamine and serotonin, increases in your brain. Serotonin is the chemical that the brain releases for a person to feel happy while dopamine is related to the chemical that gives you motivation.

Depression Awareness And Why Raising It Is Important

Depression Awareness And Why Raising It Is Important

What Happens When You Are Depressed:

So, in other words, depression is the loss of motivation towards things and feeling sad all the time. How can it affect your life? For starters the less motivated you feel towards obtaining certain goals or start to not enjoy things in life, the more toll it takes on your body. Not only that, but you can start feeling more tired and can lose sleep or sleep more depending on your condition. Some people lose appetite and some people are depressed eat and become obese. Things can take a turn for even worse and people start to contemplate the meaning of life and even start to get suicidal thoughts.

Raising Awareness For Depression:

It is important to raise depression awareness because it is often neglected. People in fear of what society would think about it pile up the feeling of depression and start to resort to substance abuse such as alcohol and heroin. Their behavior changes to worse and soon enough they isolate themselves. Often others realize too late when the person has underwent drastic changes that someone is depressed and it becomes very difficult to salvage them in that condition. But the more people are aware of depression the easier it is for someone who feels depressed to come out about it and get help before it is too late. So the best thing is to raise depression awareness.

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Treatments for Depression:

While treatments of depression are difficult to proceed with unless and until you do not isolate yourself from the cause of depression, there are medications that can help you avoid thinking about depressing thoughts and give you relief. These medicines are called antidepressants and are prescribed by many psychiatrists for curing episodes of depression. (Pinix 1mg, Valium 10mg, and CLONAZEPAM are antidepressants that can be used for relieving oneself of depressing thoughts.