Fear thoughts always follow the same pattern – They flash briefly in your perception and once you rethink the idea shortly you react to it with fear. The fear response sends a shock wave through your nervous system and you feel the most intense anxiety in the abdomen. Through the pain and intense body reaction you cannot depart from it, to constantly deal with the fear thoughts.

The longer you plaguing these thoughts, the more intense the experience. They are always excited and the thought is almost impossible to stop, he creates more anxious shock waves in your body. It feels as if the fear thoughts would invade your peace downright. You probably think the rest of the day to the experienced anxiety thoughts and find no rest.

You ask yourself just why you have these thoughts. The more you deal with it, the more you increase into it and make it worse.

How can I stop these unwanted thoughts?

Most people try to suppress their fear thoughts as soon as possible. Try not to think about it, but just the opposite is the case. It’s just as you would say to someone:  “Think never touch a pink elephant” Of course, we immediately have a picture of a pink elephant in our minds, because that our brain works and because we cannot change anything.

So it’s important that you do not suppress the fear thoughts. These thoughts will never disappear, but it is possible to learn to change the response to it. So gradually rid yourself of them.

A small example: you enjoy their daily lives, but suddenly you notice how a fear thought looming in her head. Do not try the idea to displace but say:

“This is a fear X. I could me worry about, but this time I’m doing something else. I will not respond. I will not try to stop it. I’ll just give the idea a name and not respond. ”

Mostly the idea is then to come back again intense, but keep their new technology in and proceed as follows:

  • Watch the thoughts.
  • Give it a name (Fear X).
  • Look how the thought passes without further reaction.
  • Then you devote your attention to your previous activity.

Always think off: Watch, designating, reputation, moving on

Soon you will see the fear thoughts than what it actually is: One of the thousands of volatile normal and crazy thoughts that we all have every day. It will just be yet a strange brief moment.