Depression means loss. The colors of life are gray, joy, energy, willpower and concentration wane. Feelings become dull, a sense of futility and hopelessness is difficult to bear. Depression is common, and is often not or not properly treated. Depression affects people in its entirety. It has many faces; they may be in retreat, pain, sleep disorders, pain and irritability, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness and depression, to severe despair, utter loss of all feelings. Depression affects people as a whole – a specialist treatment is necessary and promising.

Depression causes and its treatments!

So Depression is multi factorial. Of course, the childhood and the life story play an important role and are careful to come in the course of therapy of depression discussed. The also sometimes necessary drug treatment starts with the brain metabolism, as we now know that with any form of depression messengers transmitter substances in the brain, the neurotransmitters called, are disturbed in their task. This can be regulated by the proper medication again.
While this does not solve the problems, but leads to a better-being of the person concerned. So he can find much better in conversations the strength to recognize his situation, and if necessary, change. Other therapies, such as occupational therapy, occupational therapy or other forms of psychotherapy can be used.

Depression can be treated successfully in most cases!

Each of us can always be affected by a serious crisis. Life crises can arise as a result of serious illness, death or suicide of a close person, by a partner or family crises, divorce, job loss, accidents, violence experienced or the like.

The patient finds understanding, jointly consider the situation where, first practicable steps are developed. If appropriate, medications used to help initially to overcome shock and fear.

The goal is to stabilize the patient first, to confirm him in finding their own solutions, and to take the first steps to implement them.


There are many ways to treat anxiety and depression, however; they all require the victim to gather will and follow through with the routine to treat their mental disease which can take time. There are, however; drugs available in the market that can be used to stabilize the brain activity after which these treatments can be effectively carried out. Clonazepam, Pinix 1mg (alprazolam) and Valium 10mg By Roche are medicines that are usually prescribed by physicians. The compounds present in the medicine are classified as benzodiazepines which are used to treat a range of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, agitation, seizures and muscle spasms.