Treatments of depression

There are a number of effective treatments and professionals from various disciplines, to support the affected people on the road to recovery.

For the treatment of psychotherapy, clinical-psychological methods and drugs are available. All three methods have proven to be effective. What treatment you qualify for depends not only on your medical history also depends on your personal needs and preferences.

In addition, there are numerous ways in which people with depression can make against relapses even for their recovery or preventively. The important thing is to find the right treatment for personal needs.

In the treatment of depression are substantially three possible forms of treatment available, each performed by different professional groups:

Psychotherapy is a science-based medical treatment and is based on the unity of body and soul. Diseases or medical conditions are therefore either cause or expression of a mental imbalance. In Austria, different psychotherapeutic methods are recognized that can be summarized into four clusters: deep psychological-psychodynamic, humanistic, systemic, and behavioral methods.

Patients information on recognized in Austria psychotherapeutic methods

The training as a psychotherapist or a psychotherapist is not linked to specific prior training.
Clinical psychological treatment

The clinical psychological treatment is where the altered by depression Experience on (thinking, feeling) and behavior. After creating a common treatment objective, a treatment plan is drawn up with the aid of the depression can be overcome. The clinical psychological treatment helps people to implement changes in their daily lives and can prevent in this way also a recurrence.

The clinical psychological treatment is invariably carried out by psychologists.
Medical-psychiatric treatment.

Psychiatric health care includes diagnosis, education, counseling, and drug treatments. Optionally, supportive conversations in the form of therapy are offered.

Psychiatric treatment is invariably carried out by qualified physicians and medical specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine.


Treatment of depression