Severe depression often ends in suicide. Many of these suicides could be avoided by treating the depression. For a highly effective therapy medications and talk therapy are available.

Die every year in Austria more than 1,200 people to suicide. That is more than twice as many as on the road. The number of suicide attempts is much higher; they are estimated to be up to 30 times. Men have a three times higher risk of suicide than women. On average, the suicide rate is 15.3 per 100,000 people. The suicide rate rises in age sharply. The good news: The number of suicides in Austria falls for years.

Most suicides and attempted suicides are committed by people with mental illness. It is estimated up to 90 percent. Mostly the problem is based on a severe depression. “15 to 20 percent of severely depressed patients commit suicide.

Suicide as an illness episode

At the end of major depression is often a suicide attempt or a suicide. Suicide is thus the result of the disease development. This development can be thought of as a funnel. If one is still healthy, you will find yourself up at the open edge, sees the wide horizon, and is full of plans and feelings that are both positive and negative nature. During a depression one slips into this funnel into anything narrows, we see less and less of the life around us, objectives, plans and values are lost as well as positive emotions. Affected adjust their social contacts and retire. The suffering we bigger and bigger. Suicidal fantasies set up and at the end of our thinking only about how we can kill us best turns.

Especially depressive men go often to the bottom of the funnel mental, because men rarely take professional help, this applies also and especially in mental health problems. Untreated they take refuge in alcohol and work, until nothing more goes and only the suicide is seen as a way out.

Recognize depression, accept treatment

Many of these suicides could be prevented, if the depression would be treated. That this often does not happen, has two main reasons:

Often goes valuable and life-saving time, before a depressive ill patients will be treated. Depressive often do not go to the doctor or very late. Often they refuse an offered treatment or cancel it prematurely.
Doctors recognize a depression not: Frequently consult patients their general practitioner for example, because of physical discomfort, insomnia or pain, but give no mental problems. That makes it the doctor who is usually under time pressure, very difficult to recognize depression. He then prescribes only medicines for the symptoms, but the depression remains untreated and worsens.

Depression treatable

especially tragic appears the high number of suicides in the context that many suicides could be prevented, if one were to treat the depression underlying. “One should begin as soon as possible with the treatment to bring the patient out of the mental hopper and thus the risk of suicide quickly eliminate,” says the psychiatrist. Depression is treatable.The best acts clearly the combination of antidepressants and psychotherapy.

In addition to the basic building blocks of psychotherapy and medications, there are a number of other treatment options that can be used in addition: light therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, magnetic low stimulation.

Antidepressants for life support

The first goal of treatment of depression is the life support to the patient. To this end, antidepressants are administered. The effect of these drugs is that after about 14 days. From this point, the complaints decrease and the risk of suicide decreases significantly. The minimum duration of treatment is six months. When taking the drug too early, you risk a relapse into depression. In these six months, the brain learns, the neurotransmitter serotonin (which is always too little available for depression) to produce itself. In some cases it may make sense to take the antidepressant up to two years. Longer treatments are only necessary in individual cases.

Problem of early treatment discontinuation

Depression takes a clear view of things

Stigma of mental illness decreases


There are many ways to treat anxiety and depression, however; they all require the victim to gather will and follow through with the routine to treat their mental disease which can take time. There are, however; drugs available in the market that can be used to stabilize the brain activity after which these treatments can be effectively carried out. Clonazepam) , Pinix 1mg (alprazolam) and Valium 10mg By Roche are medicines that are usually prescribed by physicians. The compounds present in the medicine are classified as benzodiazepines which are used to treat a range of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, agitation, seizures and muscle spasms.