Xanax Bars (Alprazolam) 120-TABLETS


Xanax (Alprazolam) used to Treat anxiety or panic attack.

It belong to class of drugs medicine called benzodiazepines.

Xanax is prescription medication don’t use to without prescription.

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Xanax Bars is a drug that helps stabilize the chemicals in the brain that may have been causing anxiety, nervousness and tension.

This drug is from the classification known as benzodiazepines that help in the treatment of panic and anxiety disorders.

This tablet reduces the effects that of such panic attacks and stress that may sometimes lead to depression.

It is effective in best calming the nerves, reducing the probability of any such stressful occurrences and to treat panic.

Taking benzodiazepines — drugs such as Xanax, to treat anxiety or insomnia before pregnancy boosts the risk of an ectopic pregnancy, new research suggests.

The risk of ectopic pregnancy was nearly 70 percent higher for women who had filled a prescription for a Xanax within three months of becoming pregnant..

The anti-anxiety drug Xanax is among seven existing medicines identified by scientists as possibly being able to block coronavirus, a new study has revealed.

Researches from universities in Barcelona have been searching for existing drugs that can help block the virus that has devastated the world.

They have been looking at certain medicines that could help stop the ability of the virus to replicate inside cells and have listed seven drugs that could help.

Among them is the common anti-anxiety drug Xanax, as well as two others which are already showing promising lab results.

Carprofen and celecoxib, both anti-inflammatory drugs, are the only ones to be tested by researchers, who have warned that more study is required before any of the seven are prescribed.

Most people’s immune system can help fight the spread of the infection, but some at risk people can’t, leading to the study to find drugs to help.

Researches from universities in Barcelona have been searching for existing drugs that can help block the virus, and have identified common anti-anxiety drug Xanax as being a potential option.

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