Valium 5mg (diazepam) By Roche x 6 box / 180 tablets


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Valium 5mg is formed of the compound that is called Diazepam. It belongs to the family of the benxodiazepine-formulated drugs. These drugs are best known as the anti-anxiety drugs as, its name also suggests, it helps fight against the symptoms of anxiety and stress that one might feel at times such as the time before a surgery is to take pace, this drug helps, calm the nerves and makes it easy for the patient and for the medical officer to operate on him. This drug is essentially used to treat symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety disorders as it helps stabilize the chemicals in the brain. Other properties of Valium are that it is used in the treatment of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawals, for relaxing muscle spasms and also for controlling epilepsy. However, it is strictly advised to take with the prescription of the doctor.

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