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Tramal SR is a medicinal drug that is best known for its properties of treating moderate to severe levels of pain. This drug is usually prescribed to and is ideal for patients who have recently gone through surgery and also for those who suffer from chronic pain that may have inflicted conditions for arthritis and/or cancer.Tramal plays its part through decreasing the perceptivity and the reactivity of that part of the brain that receives the stimuli for pain and that in turn reduces the magnitude of pain that passes through the nervous system. The same drug can also be used to for relaxing purposes due to its properties to dull the senses. However, it should only be used with a serious prescription by the doctor as it excessive use may lead to its addiction in the patient for the longer term, if left unmonitored. People suffering from kidney and liver malfunction or pregnant women should avoid the use of Tramal, unless prescribed by the doctor. Other than its pain relieving and relaxing purposes, Tramal can be used for other reasons as per the direction of the doctor.

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