Stilnox 10mg by sanofi aventis x 7box / 140 Tablets


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Stilnox, has a compound that is known as zolpidem. This drug is best known to be a hypnotic drug for the properties it contains. This drug has sedative capabilities and it is for this reason that it is usually prescribed to patients who have a case of severe insomnia. This drug helps the patient in sleeping and that too for a longer and a consistent amount of time so as to rest his mind. It does so through stabilization of the chemicals present in the brain and that is what enables it to fight bet against insomnia. This tablet is the immediate release kind and so they are effective as soon as the patient lays his head, due to its intensively calming effects. Since this drug is so effective, there’s always a high risk of addiction or dependency that the patent might feel towards it and it is for this reason that it is only prescribed for a short time period and in lesser amounts. It is not to be taken without the direction or prescription of the doctor.


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