Brufen Plus (Codeine phosphate+Ibuprofen) By Abbott 8box / 160 Tablets


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Brufen Plus or Ibuprofen is a very effective painkiller. It helps in relieving the pain in a short span of time. It also treats signs of inflammation (swelling), tenderness, and stiffness that may sometimes be resulted from gout and arthritis. Not only this, but this drug is also effective in relieving muscle aches, headaches, menstrual pain, backaches, pains from the common cold, and pain that occur after dental work or surgery. At the Pharmacy Shop, we sell generic Ibuprofen, cutting on the additional research and development on the drug. Moreover, we obtain this drug directly from the manufacturer, thus eliminating any additional costs, thereby, getting the drug to you at the minimal cost possible. We offer Ibuprofen only from the best world-class pharmaceutical companies.

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