Ativan 2mg (Lorazepam) 200-TABLETS


Be sure to consult your doctor and pharmacist.
Before taking Ativan (lorazepam) as a drug medicine.

Never use without a doctor's prescription.

Ativan (lorazepam) Effective anxiety and depression.

Ativan (lorazepam) help the sleep and pain 

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Ativan 2mg belongs to the family of Benzodiazepines. It reduces hyperactivity and anxiety by making the chemicals in the brain stable. Thus, it leads to a reduced level of nervousness and tension that one might experience in high levels at times. This drug helps reduce any such symptom, making you more relaxed and stress free. Moreover, this drug that contains the formula known as Lorazepam, is designed in a way to treat anxiety disorders or any other symptoms that if increased to a certain level, may lead to depression. However, take this drug with extreme caution, especially around alcohol, when it should be avoided to be consumed, as alcohol increases this drug’s effects significantly.


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