A Stress-free environment will let you live a stable life. Stress occurs when we experience an unexpected situation that threatens our peace of mind. Stress is related to the environment that you are living in surrounded by terrorist attacks, daily strikes, and an unpleasant environment that lead you to depression and stress full life.

Stay stress-free in natural ways by listening to music, sleeping well, and spend quality time with family and friends. Don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ if you can not stand on your commitment. Do exercise on daily basis to increase your immune system which brings progress and revive your mind and body health. Several campaigns are driven by social media influencers to highlight the issue of depression causes because of different reasons. Most people are stressed because of financial and housing difficulties. Depression not a joke but serious disease that leads to a negative impact on health. Non-peaceful life resulting in constant stress and depression.

That’s where people buy anti-depression pills to relieve depression. Medication can reduce stress among people. Depression can lead to anger, fight, and negative thoughts. WHO warns about the increasing ratio of depressed people is such a toxic issue that needs to be excluded by taking initiatives on an international level by Running a social campaign, counselling them to tell the ways to avoid the stress. The ratio of doctors is less than the patient. Emerging the extreme number of depressed patients that required the proper attention to treat them accordingly. Treat problem timely unless it becomes a worldwide issue. Stress most commonly found in man because he earns and looks after the family. 

                                  Globally in developing countries where the stress ratio is extremely high, countless depression cases are an alarming situation where depression pills are most commonly prescribed by doctors. There is a large number of pills we found in markets but A company ‘ GET RID OF DEPRESSION ’ provides separately anti depressions and stress pills to the patient which is certified by the ministry of health.

       In conclusion, stressing yourself never solve the issue just try to calm yourself and handle the situation because deciding in anger leads you the wrong way that you never thought of. Accept the truth never hide under the blanket of lies. The Government should initiate a new platform just for depressed and stressed patients to prescribe them any medication according to their condition.