We are living in an unprecedented society. Where mental health is not considered a serious issue. There is no such platform where people openly discuss their mental issues. Only social media where people can anonymously share their mental health issues. Without fear of being mocked, abused, and bullied. Still the young didn’t get cured who claimed to suffer from a mental disorder. Only people knew who suffers mental disorder pain due to depression and anxiety. There are several causes of mental illness due to depression, anxiety which can have an impact on mental health.

Causes of mental illness

On mainstream media more and more people confess the bipolar mental disorder and suicidal mediation people including celebrities claiming to suffer from depression. We should have emphasized the people who are suffering from depression. They barely share that they were struggling alone.

We should have hugged them and convinced them to share the thought he might have to deal with. These mainstream media platforms are useful where people can proudly confess the mental illness disease. It was like a private thing and the affected person was afraid to share it with someone else. Because it is a cruel feeling but now the world has developed empathy for the people who are suffering from depression. A depressed man suffers from anger, rage violence, and fighting that may cause conflict in a relationship.Mental Illness

Some people who have bipolar disorder do have anger and rage. And often people come to counseling and that is an excellent therapy to revive the powerless mental health. As discussed above, anger can also indicate other ongoing issues like anxiety, my feeling of powerlessness, and disappointment. Although if your mind is in peace, then you no longer need any medication. There are natural ways to avoid depression and recover your mental health is to share and expressing your hidden feelings that are ruining your peace. Bring change in your routine and behavior to retrieve mental peace.


In conclusion, constant panic attacks will snatch your peace and lead you to suicidal thoughts. There are two ways to avoid mental illness. One is to share your thoughts on mainstream media and discuss with others. Who is also suffering from the same situation? Another one is the medication. Rid of depression provides anti-depression pills and anti-stress to cure depression.