How COVID-19 Has Created Depression

COVID has created depression and brought challenges to the citizens. Corona is the deadliest virus that can spread through shaking hands and while breathing.

           Covid completely molds society in many ways. People adopt the new normal way of life. That brought behaviour changes in society. After covid, all people started to take care of their diet, maintain themselves to avoid any critical situation, wear masks, and keep social distancing in markets. During the lockdown, thousands of cases were reported of domestic violence. Abrupt Arising of these cases was people stuck in their houses and not doing any social activity, resulting in increased violence because people were habitual of working in offices.


Among these cases are also cases of depression. Circulation of fake news on social platforms creates fear among all the people, cases of suicide highlighted on news. Covid has created depression because it is the deadliest disease ever in history. During the lockdown, people bought anti-depression pills to relieve depression and anxiety. Medication was only to way avoid depression. People who were isolating are mainly suffered from depression and anxiety because of loneliness, in addition in other cases corona patients show symptoms of corona but people with no symptoms are also positive with corona. This also created fake rumors among the people watching videos of a patient dying with corona. Different people share their reviews and experience.


Some evil mind people took advantage of this opportunity to spread fake rumours and explain wrong guidelines to avoid the coronavirus. Amid corona, people took this as a joke, but they realized it was their Global issue with time. Millions of depression cases in Pakistan less availability of physiatrists make it worse, the ratio of the patient is 1 to 1000.


In lockdown use of social media increases. Some people did a good job despite being depressed they earned millions through e-commerce business by selling products, services, and medications like antidepressants and depression pills. And they achieved remarkable success. In conclusion, some people avail this opportunity by earning millions some of them feared death, and millions of people lost their lives in the pandemic. Government ensure to provide health facilities to fight this pandemic but failed to implement the proper lockdown and safety of people.