Green Xanax Bar 3mg is common name use for alprazolam (generic name). This medication belongs to the family of benzodiazepine which is also known as benzos. Their primary function is to reduce anxiety. It is the most prescribed medication in the world because of their effectiveness, rapid onset of action and safety.
However there are some limitations related to withdrawal and abuse. Therefore, these medications are considered as second-line agents for the treatment of anxiety including panic disorders, insomnia and social phobia after antidepressants.

Uses of Xanax Bar Green

Most common use of Xanax bar Green(alprazolam) is to reduce anxiety and panic disorder (sudden feeling of fear when there is no real danger or threat) and social phobia.
Anxiety can accompany other psychotic disorders including depression, so it is important to alleviate this kind of anxiety which is accompanied by depression. This medication is considerably effective for fluctuating anxiety.

How It Works

It has the ability to reduce or calm hyperactivity of the brain. This drug is considered as the most powerful because the receptor site of this drug Xanax bar is located near the receptor site of Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is released by neurons to reduce anxiety.
When a molecule of Xanax Bar Green 3mg binds with this chemical agent (GABA)  the acting power of this chemical agent becomes double. As the power of chemical agents increases, it stops neurons from over reacting. Therefore, it makes nerves less sensitive to stimulus causing anxiety and panic attack. Which ultimately reduce anxiety and panic disorder.

However, you should take advice from experts before going to take any medicine because every medicine has its own benefits and side effects.

Common side effects include

  • 1.drowsiness and sedation for which you need to avoid activities which need proper consciousness i.e. driving, swimming etc. 
  •  3.It causes memory problems for which reorientation is necessary.
  •  5.balance and coordination problems.
  •  6.rebound anxiety, tolerance and dependency can occur.
  •  7.irritibility 
  •  8.trouble concentrating.

Rare side effects of Xanax Bar Green 3mg

  •  1.headache
  •  2.nausea
  •  3.confussion
  •  4.depression


Green Xanax Bar is not recommended for the ladies who are pregnant because it can affect growth of babies. Secondly, during breastfeeding it is again not recommended because it makes babies less responsive to breastfeeding.

Another point to ponder is you are not supposed to stop taking Green Xanax bar without doctor’s prescription because it can cause serious withdrawal symptoms like seizures, sweating and insomnia. Moreover, patients who are older are more vulnerable to side effects because their aging brain are more sensitive.