“Depression is not an emotion – it’s an Illness”. We have searched and searched a lot for how much depression affect lives, how much people have been through depression and what they have felt. How much things surrounding them have effected their lives.

Today, we are going to share with you, the real experiences people that have faced depression and how it has changed their lives forever.

We came across the most heart wrenching story of how ones family did not believe at all that they she is struggling with mental health. When asking mother about seeing and hearing things were normal, her response was “You are too young and don’t know what real mental health problems are!”

A person who has spent more than 10 years of depression, the feelings of that person was close to none. Spending late nights of toxic behavior and pretending the next day to be fine was enough to tear you a part.

People were running away from this person who had mental illness. The guy she loved didn’t want to date her because of his depression. Her words were “I’ve lived with anxiety and depression along with an eating disorder pretty much as long as I can remember, but understand that that doesn’t define me: I am ME.”

“Depression is not simple – it’s more than being sad”. Depression has its method of replacing you confidence with pure anxiety and self-hatred.

Depression diagnosed in 2004, almost 16 years since June’s dad died. The hardest thing for her is to talk about the death and depression which made things more miserable for her. But sooner, she realized that a better way to get rid of depression is to open up yourself and talk.

Lot of these people were afraid to share what they feel. They were afraid of telling people what they go through. They badly want to get out of this dilemma but sadly they just couldn’t. Depression affect lives but people still have a small amount of control from which they can start to get out of the depression. Like going for medications like Pinix (Alprazolam), which is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Talking and sharing can also be much beneficial.