Every person wants to enjoy a happy, blessed and peaceful healthy life. Treatment of Anxiety Attacks is a must and mental peace is a real blessing for everyone as it is necessary for a longer life.

In today’s bustling and hectic life everyone has to encounter with all kinds of tensions and worries in life. It is also a matter of not letting yourself under the complete influence of negative worries.

There are two kinds of worries one is positive and the other is negative. Positive tension motivates a person to think good and face all the challenging situations. It provides a sense of confidence and enthusiasm to move ahead towards prosperous and successful living.

On the other hand, negative tensions are really harmful for human beings that push a person into sheer depression and hopelessness. A person sink into deep anxiety and this makes his health deteriorating with no will power and counter energy to fight back this anxiety attack.

Anxiety can happen to anyone at any age. It is unfortunately happening to young people at an alarming rate. It is all due to unemployment, poverty and many other unexpected reasons. The more a person thinks, the more he spoils his health.

Treatment of Anxiety Attacks can be a way to get rid of all the pressures and anxieties you are following.

There can be multiple physical as well as emotional symptoms of hyper tension and anxiety disorders:

  • Fear
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mood Fluctuation
  • Anger and Irritation
  • Isolation
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of confidence
  • Restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Concentration

Some more symptoms are sweating, heart pounding, headache, dizziness and tremors.

Let us discuss and elaborate the above symptoms in a bit detail for more understanding:


Fear is the core reason of fatigue and anxiety. It makes a mind perplexed with useless and absurd thinking to disturb the mental capabilities of a person. It is always necessary to keep the mind peaceful and relaxed. The only remedy is to get the mind diverged in some kind of activities and tasks and not let the mind wander empty and spare. It is always good to keep a mind in some purposeful and creative activity which helps provide some creative and analytical thinking.


Loss of Appetite means not willing to eat properly. This is a really dangerous indication for a severe anxiety which must be treated immediately. The first and foremost remedy is to avoid all incoming negative and disturbing thoughts in mind.

Thank to GOD ALMIGHTY of whatever he has blessed you in life and feel content at heart with a peaceful mind. Once you do this, you will really feel the difference. Having no appetite or hunger for food is a huge anxiety disorder which can harshly affect your health.


Mood Fluctuation is a vital sign of anxiety disorder and can be easily treated by taking proper medications. Sometimes it is being normal to have a change in mood, but if it persists for longer then it must be consulted by doctor for immediate treatment.

There are different mood variations from person to person. Some people become extremely hyper and out of their minds, some become absolutely quite, while some people tend to cry out loudly. In this situation, a person should feel relaxed and must take peaceful sleep.


It is also a worst condition of anxiety disorder to get irritated and angry on petty matters. To avoid this situation a person should at first consult a doctor.  An instant remedial measure is to move out to some open air place such as garden and find solace in the surroundings. Inhaling fresh air is also much helpful in controlling irritation with a happy mind.



Isolation means to confine oneself in a single room and feeling no interest in worldly matters. This is the most alarming and harmful symptom which can lead a person to more and more depressive state. Family Support plays a key role and become a real strength to fight back with anxiety. In-house Support and motivation can bring back a person to life.

This is the most tried and tested remedy in the world. The Love, care and support are all needed elements which can boost confidence in a person with happy and lively personality.


Insomnia is a lack of sleep disorder caused by any kind of tension or anxiety. It is most commonly found in older age people. This disease can be well treated by taking medications like sleeping pills for peaceful sleep. This cannot be an alternate of natural sound sleep.

The successful remedy is to provide a person with peaceful room atmosphere in the room with little source of light. Making a habit of this peaceful sleep environment can certainly help cure the insomnia with good night sleep.


Lack of Confidence is also a major cause of serious anxiety attack which makes a person loose his self confidence. It makes a person highly depressed with trembling and shacking hands. A person cannot talk properly and starts to stammer.


It is also one of the symptoms occur in anxiety attack and a person becomes restless all day and all night. He cannot eat or sleep properly due to worried thoughts in mind. It can be cured by taking sleeping pills which gives a soothing mind for some hours.


Mental Fatigue is also another form of severe anxiety and hyper tension. The best remedial measure is to do yoga which provides a great peace of mind for everyone. It gives a soothing and relaxing mind and body and helps in peaceful sound sleep at night.


Anxiety is a leading cause of lack of concentration which doesn’t let a person keep his concentration and focus on work. It creates interruption and severe disturbance in routine daily tasks with much difficulty in fulfilling them in a proper way.

Mental Peace and Happiness are two things which are extremely necessary elements for every human being to keep away from all kind of negative worries in life.

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