Anxiety and Panic

Thanks to campaigns and programs in the modern-day, people are taking mental health seriously day by day. Before this, people had been going through mental problems, till they could not take it anymore and were admitted into asylums going through treatments, that would worsen the person’s condition. Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks would go unnoticed. Society would ridicule those who brought up such issues, calling them menial and asking victims to grow through them. 

However, little did they know how much these can affect the human mind and its capabilities. Sooner, there was a rise in suicide rates upon failure in lives; people were resorting to drug abuse that would drastically deteriorate physical and mental health like heroin, opium, and cocaine.

But nowadays, even little emotional fluctuation in people is taken seriously, at it can surface through underlying mental issues. Depression, anxiety, and panic attack victims can take medicine and go through therapy with a psychiatrist to help them lead normal lives. Other than these problems, through research and advancement, in psychology and neurosciences, multiple disorders have been discovered, and their, treatments are now available easily.

However, what causes these mental health problems in the first place? 

There can be many, but the most common cause of this disease is stress. There are slogans out there that say “stress can kill,” and they are not joking; some people resort to taking their own lives so that they can get rid of stress once and for all. Stress can be caused by multiple reasons like work, relationships, family quarrels, and such. Stress can cause a person to lose appetite, lose sleep, and these cause chemical imbalances in the brain, which then give birth to mental health issues like depression, where you feel unhappy.

Anxiety can be caused by uncertainty, and it gives birth to fear; panic attacks are one side effect of anxiety but not entirely caused by anxiety. Both Anxiety and panic attacks can make life very uneasy as you cannot progress through things in life. However, panic attacks especially are the worst as they strike at the worst possible timings and can cause you to have sleepless nights or skip meals at times.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks will hinder everyday life. Still, with rising awareness about mental health issues, it is easier for family and friends to spot if you are going through them. In addition, there are therapy sessions and group therapy sessions that one can take to get comfortable about their problems. 

Not only that, there is the medicine that can help stabilize if anxiety is becoming an obstacle for you to achieve something. Some medicines that can help you with your anxiety issues are Clonazepam, Pinnix 1mg, and Bunorfin 0.2mg. This medicine can help you overcome your anxieties and let you lead a normal life, and become a pivotal part of society.