Anything which conflicts with human desire creates tension which farther leads to depression. Anti Depression remedies are in talks these times. There are more than 264 million people all around the world affected by this disease. Depression can affect the human behavior, ability to think and interrupts the decision making. 

The chances of depression may increase by the number of factors which are given below.

Genetics. Depression can being inherent it considers as a complex trait.

Death or Loss. A sudden trauma of death of your loved ones and the loss of something special and emotionally attached to you can increase the risk of depression.

Major events. The reasons of depressions are never normal literally a good event such as starting a new job, buying a new car and some Unfortunate events can leads you to depression. The good events creates a series of thoughts for mishaps or misfortunes regarding what may happen to your happiness and this leads to depression.

Excessive depression may cause some symptoms, some of which occur on your mood and some can occur on your body. Some of the common symptoms of depression are as follow:

Mood. Depression can change mood swiftly, anger, aggressive ness, anxiety and restlessness are the main symptoms of depression

Insomnia. In case you are affected by depression you will suffer from lack of sleep.

Sadness. Victims facing depression are always in an emotional pain which is sadness.

Less optimism. There is a hypothesis that depressed people may exhibit a characteristic called “depressive realism,” which means that in their perception of events and the influence they have over certain events they may be “more accurate” than people without depression.

Anti depression remedies

There are some effective anti depression remedies to overcome this issue such as Medication and exercise. It momentarily stimulates chemicals called CLONAZEPAM, which are good feelings. Regular exercise, Cook notes, seems to help the brain to rewire itself in positive ways. How much work-out do you need? You don’t have to run marathons to get an advantage. Only a few walks a week can help.